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CARTO® 3 System- 3D Mapping

The CARTO® 3 System is an advanced imaging technology that utilizes electromagnetic technology to create real-time three-dimensional (3D) maps of a patient’s cardiac structures. The system is designed to help electrophysiologists navigate the heart by generating an accurate 3D map, as well as pinpointing the exact location and orientation of catheters in the heart during diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for patients suffering from heart rhythm conditions (cardiac arrhythmias)

CARTO® SMARTTOUCH® 3D Module: This module is the first technology introduced into the electrophysiology field that enables physicians to tag, or label, lesion with customized parameters including the duration or level of radiofrequency (RF) energy applied to each lesion to help achieve stable application of RF energy during the procedure

CARTOUNIVU™ Module: This module is the only technology available on the market today that enables clinicians to seamlessly merge a static fluoroscopy image with real-time cardiac maps generated by the CARTO® 3 System into a single, accurate 3D view

CARTOSOUND® Module: This 3D ultrasound technology enables physicians to visualize and navigate patients’ cardiac anatomy with greater precision by complementing the CARTO® 3 System’s mapping capabilities with real-time soft tissue visualization


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