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Automated microbial detection system
From its space-saving modular design to its easy touch-screen operation and flexible data management options, every size laboratory can perform microbial detection with the BacT/ALERT® 3D.
Key features:
● Platform for culture of blood & other biological fluids
● Intuitive, easy-to-use system requires little training
● Early detection of sepsis and sterility control
● Detects a wide range of Bacteria, Yeast, & Mycobacteria
● Unique shatter-resistant plastic bottles maximize safety


BacT/ALERT® VIRTUO™ is a seamlessly efficient blood culture technology in one automated system. BacT/ALERT® VIRTUO™ integrates blood culture workflow to provide efficient and actionable results to help achieve better patient outcomes.
Key Features
● Intuitive touchscreen, Enhanced ease-of-use
● Reduces hands on time
● Advanced robotics for automated loading and unloading
● 360° Smart scanning technology
● Recognizes bottle and patient accession labels
● Senses and tracks blood fill level on all bottles
● Ease of tracking and reporting
● Completely safe disposal

VITEK® 2 Compact

Automated ID/AST system
VITEK® 2 Compact is an automated ID/AST instrument for fast and accurate ID/AST testing with expert confidence. Designed to provide ID/AST results in as little as 5 to 8 hours, VITEK® 2 Compact works with economical, ready-to-use VITEK® 2 ID/AST cards. Safety is optimized with
minimal reagent preparation and reduced handling in a closed, disposable system.
Key Features
● Space-saving, automated & efficient
● Works with VITEK® 2 PC LIS-compatible software
● Reduces hands-on time for enhanced workflow
● Easy-to-access results with multiple filters
● Automatic validation & transfer of preliminary results
● Capable of performing gram negative, gram positive, and yeast identification and susceptibility tests


An automated mass spectrometry microbial identification system that uses Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization Time-of-Flight (MALDI-TOF) technology and a comprehensive database of clinically relevant species for results in minutes.
Key Features
● Robust & accurate ID with Advanced Spectra Classifier
● Seamless integration of ID/AST results for optimized workflow

● Complete traceability & flexibility

Vitek MS Prime

New-Generation Mass Spectrometry Microbial Identification System

VITEK® MS PRIME combines microbiology expertise with innovation taking mass spectrometry to the next level by maximizing the impact of daily laboratory workflow for better patient care.

Key Features:

  • Superior Workflow Efficiency for easy integration, improved ergonomics, full traceability, greater productivity, and faster time to reported results.
  • Benchtop system with on-board PC, adjustable monitor, and integrated keyboard to easily integrate into the lab environment and workflow.
  • Capacity up to 16 slides and 768 samples.
  • One fast and easy protocol per organism group for sample preparation.
  • User friendly flexible setup and results review.
  • Robust and Evolving Database for enhanced customer confidence.

API Strips

The well-established method for manual microorganism identification to the species level, bioMérieux’s API® identification products are test kits for identification of Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria and yeast. The system offers a large and robust database.
API® offers manual identification of microorganisms for;
● Infectious disease diagnosis
● Identification of important industrial microorganisms


Etest®, ready to use AST reagent strips, is recognized as a cost-effective tool for determining on-scale MICs across 15 dilutions. It can also be used in a macro method format to optimize resistance detection. Over 100 antibiotics are now available in the product range for testing of
aerobic bacteria and fastidious organisms such as pneumococci, haemophilus, H. pylori, meningococci, gonococci, anaerobes, fungi, and mycobacteria.
Key Features
● Determine the MIC of fastidious, slow-growing or nutritionally deficient micro-organisms
● Confirm or detect low-level or new resistance mechanisms
● Test new/non-routine antimicrobials
● Fine-tune antimicrobial treatment. Etest® has an extensive range of over 100 antimicrobial references that can be classified into 4 categories:
● Antibiotics
● Antifungals
● Anti-mycobacterials
● Resistance Phenotype Testing

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