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EMERALD Diagnostic Guidewire

The EMERALD™ Diagnostic Guidewire is intended for percutaneous entry and guidance of catheters. The EMERALD Guidewire complements our diagnostic catheter and catheter sheath introducer lines. Performance, endurance and safety are built into each EMERALD Guidewire with solid tensile strength to minimize the likelihood of stretching or fracturing.

AQUATRACK Hydrophilic Nitinol Guidewire

AQUATRACK® Hydrophilic Nitinol Guidewires facilitate access to the most tortuous anatomy, providing the control, visibility and exceptional design symmetry enabling you to maneuver through difficult lesions.


ADROIT Guiding Catheters

ADROIT® Guiding Catheters are intended for use in the intravascular introduction of interventional or diagnostic devices for coronary or peripheral vascular systems.

INFINITI Diagnostic Catheter

The Cordis INFINITI® 4F, 5F and 6F Line of Diagnostic Catheters is ideal for coronary angioplasty. These catheters incorporate proprietary Vestan Nylon to deliver exceptional responsiveness and flow rates, optimal torque, and shape retention.

Universal Shapes, INFINITI and SUPER TORQUE Plus Diagnostic Catheters

The RBL-TG™ and RBL-JK™ shapes now available in our nylon INFINITI® and polyurethane SUPER TORQUE® Plus Catheters.


The Cordis TEMPO AQUA® Diagnostic Catheter is an angiographic catheter providing excellent flow rates, optimal contrast delivery, and vessel opacification.

ELITECROSS Support Catheter

The ELITECROSS® Support Catheter provides a unique combination of support and shape options to enable a tailored approach to tough lesions.


Cross chronic total occlusions with confidence using the FRONTRUNNER® XP CTO Catheter.

OUTBACK Elite Re-entry Catheter

The OUTBACK® Elite Re-entry Catheter enables the re-entry of a guidewire from the subintimal space back into true lumen of the vessel.


AVANTI+ Sheath Introducer

The Cordis AVANTI®+ Introducer is a pioneer of catheter sheath introducer technology.

For use in arterial and venous procedures requiring percutaneous introduction of Intravascular devices. Featuring a SLIX Valve, the AVANTI+ Introducer provides smooth transitions, monitoring capabilities and exceptional performance for your procedural success.

RAILWAY Sheathless Access System

The versatile RAILWAY® Sheathless Access System has been designed to convert your preferred guiding catheter into a sheathless access system to reduce access up to 2F.

BRITE TIP Sheath Introducer

The BRITE TIP® Sheath Introducer, with its tungsten-filled radiopaque tip, facilitates accurate interventional positioning.

RAIN Sheath Tibial Pedal Introducer

RAIN Sheath® Tibial Pedal Introducer is a thin-walled sheath designed for consistent performance during tibial pedal access.

RAIN Sheath Transradial Thin-Walled Introducer

Brings innovation to you with KINK RECOVERY TECHNOLOGY™.

Elastomeric properties allow RAIN Sheath Introducer to flex and bend in the radial anatomy. RAIN Sheath Introducer’s polymeric material reduces the impact of kinking – avoiding the sharp edges that can injure the vessel wall and contribute to complications

IVC Filters


OPTEASE™ Retrievable Vena Cava Filters are an innovative option for prevention of recurrent pulmonary embolism.

Key Features:

  • Dual-layer filtration for easier clot capture and prevention of pulmonary embolism
  • Fixation barb minimizes migration to maintain clot capture efficiency
  • Caudal filter retrieval hook for easy retrieval with any appropriate endovascular snare
  • Caval coverage up to 30 mm
  • No need to change systems when changing access sites
  • Nitinol technology No waiting period is required between filter placement and having an MRI

Guiding Catheter

Vista BriteTip

The extra large lumen 6F .070” ID VISTA BRITE TIP™ Catheter provides value to physicians by having a larger lumen while maintaining the 6F outer diameter and performance characteristics of the VISTA BRITE TIP™ Catheter. Key Features:
  • Braided shaft Extra large lumen Very suitable for tortuous vessels
  • Reliable tip shape memory
  • Highly radiopaque distal tip Different shapes available

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