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Leica Biosystem

Automated IHC/ISH Instruments

Make a Difference with Accurate and Timely Slides.

Every BOND system is complete, automated, and engineered for speed, reliability, and accuracy, with each configuration tailored to address specific diagnostic or discovery challenges.


Leica BOND-III Fully Automated IHC and ISH stainer that delivers what really matters: speed, efficiency and quality. With an average IHC staining time of only 2.5 hours, the BOND-III IHC/ISH staining system delivers diagnostic speed, quality, and efficiency to get complete cases to pathologists sooner.

  • BOND-III is upto 50% faster than previous generation stainer.
  • Requires virtually no daily maintenance.
  • Class leading quality with superior bond reagents and proven Covertile TM technology

Leica ST5010-CV5030 Integrated Workstation

Workflow Optimization and Productivity for Reliable Diagnosis.

Increase your laboratory productivity with Leica Biosystems’ fully automated instruments providing high-quality staining, and superb glass coverslipping for routine H&E and Cytology.

Imunohistochemistry (IHC) antibodies

IHC Primary Antibodies

Create high-quality IHC slides with Novocastra primary antibodies. Developed in-house, and backed by 20 years of IHC stain development experience, these robust antibodies have been optimized for automated and manual applications.

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