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The Sebia Solutions:

Capillary electrophoresis allows a rapid and accurate signature-based measurement for major chronic diseases diagnosis and monitoring and is routinely used in clinical laboratories for screening of serum and other fluids for protein abnormalities.


Capillarys 3 Octa

Capillarys 3 Octa || Evolution makes the difference

Increasing your lab efficiency: CAPILLARYS 3 OCTA replaces CAPILLARYS 2, the most well-known capillary instrument worldwide.


Key Points:

Instrument : Capillary electrophoresis instrument with 8 capillaries in parallel
Instrument management via LCD touch screen
Automatic or manual startup, shutdown & maintenance
Automatic dilution segment management
Assays on board & Throughput : Hb A1c (venous blood) – 43 tests/h
Serum Protein Electrophoresis (SPE) – 80 tests/h
Serum Immunotyping – 10 tests/h
CDT/CDTIFCC – 50 tests/h
Software :  PHORESIS CORE, SQL Client/Server

Capillarys 3 Octa Multiple Myeloma

World leader in diagnosis and monitoring of Multiple Myeloma patients.

Capillarys 3 Octa Hemoglobin Disorders

Chronic Hyperglycemia Diagnosis.

Capillarys 3 Octa Diabetes

The screening of hemoglobinopathies and thalassemias is of growing importance

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