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Bio Molecular Systems


Liquid Handling System
The Myra liquid handling automated system incorporates cutting-edge algorithms, an automatic pipette and integrated camera, ensuring precision pipetting.
Key Features:
• With Myra, you can save valuable time.
• It makes precise liquid dispensing, mixing, and transferring possible, which lowers human error and boosts output.
• It has exceptional speed, pinpoint accuracy of the automatic pipette, user-friendly software, and requires little to no maintenance.

Mic qPCR Cycler

The Worlds first Magnetic Induction Cycler
Key Features:
• Compact
• Fast
• Durable with next level performance real time PCR
• No calibration required

Mic-IVD qPCR Cycler

Molecular diagnostics anywhere, anytime.
The world’s first magnetic induction cycler is now a registered medical device with CE-IVDR and TGA approval. To meet the rigorous requirements of human IVD, it was built to ISO 13485:2016 medical device standards. Registered as a class 1/A device in numerous countries.
Key Features:
• Intuitive software for easy use
• Get results in less time (under 40 minutes)
• At 2kg this is the most portable and compact qPCR IVD on the market.
• No servicing required.

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